Wycombe, England


Garden Walls & Patios

We are building specialists in many sectors of the industry and patios and garden walls are another one of those sectors. A brand new or renewed patio or garden wall can transform your outdoor space massively; dramatically improving the look and making best use out of the space you have. Using the space and renovating what you already have can transform your home for the better, whether you are looking to improve the aesthetic of your outdoor space, or make it more functional.

Here at PSB Builders we have a team which have a huge amount of experience in brickwork and patio construction; using their highly-developed skills to produce outstanding results for every client. We are able to construct new garden walls or repair and renovate old walls, vastly improving the look of the border of your home. Additionally, we are able to build new patios or repair and renovate existing ones to give them a new lease of life. All of our repair and renovation work is completed to ensure the safety of your walls and patios, ensuring they are kept appropriately maintained for now and the foreseeable future. Through our large portfolio of contacts, we are able to match styles and materials extremely effectively ensuring we use materials which are in keeping with any existing features or styles that you like.

Garden Walls

If you are looking to have an existing wall repaired or if you are in need of creating a brand-new boundary, whether it be around garden features or the property as a whole, the team here at PSB Builders are experts in carrying out the job. We are able to build brick and stone walls using some of the highest quality products found on the market. Through clear communication with our clients, we are able to find out the desired look you are looking for and ensure we match the right products to achieve the color and material you want. New or renovated garden walls can add a new sense of style to your outside space; enhancing what it has to offer and giving an impressive, aesthetically pleasing finish.


As well as building garden walls, installing decking and laying patios is another one of our specialist skills. Just like any home transformation, upgrading dated patios can transform your garden into something both practical and decorative.In order to suit all of our clients’ needs, we ensure to offer a variety of options when it comes to colors, styles and materials. We understand there are a range of styles that our clients may be looking for, which is why we are able to complete both traditional and modern patio designs.